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There are existing data from past tracer and meteorological field experiments that, as yet have not been fully converted to digital format.

This web site is my attempt to provide such data sets I have for use by others.

Many of these data sets, which were initially used to develop or test parameterizations for Atmospheric Transport and Diffusion (ATD) models, can yield additional, valuable results, for example, on concentration uncertainty and short-term fluctuations in concentration values.

I believe available data sets should posted on the web for access and use by the research community. It seems to me to be more cost-effective to archive and re-analyze these data sets than to repeat the underlying field studies at great expense.

In February 2012, new and additional data was posted for several classic tracer dispersion experiments. One of the data sets is the EPRI Kincaid dataset, which now comprises around double the amount of data compared to that previously provided generally to the modeling community. Also posted in February was data for tracer experiments conducted at Cabauw, Round Hill and Project Prairie Grass.

In April, 2012, data was posted for the EPRI Bull Run Tracer Field Study. This data set is an interesting challenge, as there is moderate terrain in the vicinity of the 244 m tall stack release.

The 17th conference on "Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes" will take place in Budapest, Hungary 9-12 May 2016, interested participants are encouraged to work with these data and report their findings at the conference.

Important Dates:

Short abstracts (less than 350 words) should be submitted by October 25, 2015. Confirmation for acceptance of contributions will be made by January 8, 2016. Five-page extended abstracts should be submitted by March 21, 2016.

If you publish analyses using data from this site, I would appreciate a citation to inform others about the content of this web site, for instance: "Data were downloaded from"